Review of 2021 and objectives for 2022

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Image review 2021 This is the annual exercise of reviewing the last year. An eventful year full of changes and a new year with many objectives.

2021 review

As I prepare this review, I realize that I have achieved much more than I expected. If you've been following me for a while, you will know that my life changed dramatically in June. Resignation from my old job and the public service, moving with my family, away from our old life, etc. After many setbacks, the move is finally over and our old life behind us. Today I am a happy and fulfilled man, with my husband and our non-human children. Here is the artistic assessment of this past year.
First, I published the illustrated version of the first three volumes of the self-published "Memoirs of a Watchman" series, as well as the first episode of the "Lunimeran" series, Vacances macabres. At the same time, I released the visual novel, "Devenir Veilleur". If you want to know more about the latter, I invite you to read the dedicated post .
I also set up a newsletter in which I give monthly updates and important information on releases, as well as a weekly newsletter from June to December which gave more detailed information on the whole universe. I ended the year by using the newsletter to open a box on the Advent calendar every day, posted on the blog (in french only).
On the video posting side, I quit YouTube because the terms of service didn't suit me and opted for a PeerTube instance.
One thing was not planned for this year, but it did happen, the redesign of the website to highlight the illustrations as well as everything that is part of the universe of the Watchmen. The musical universe produced by Serge Longoulet is also directly accessible from the website.
On the writing side, new characters were invited in July and left me no other choice than to write their story, so "Markaðurjarna" which tells the story of Léonce and Jaroslav was born and allowed me to complete "Past Trouble" and the third period of the cycle. Soon after, a fourth period emerged. For now, it begins with the story of Veljko and Lilian and begins that of the journey to Agrimagal.
This year, I was also able to script the second visual novel "Double Murder" (which uses the new "Cooperation and Truth" for those who knew it), cut out each game mechanic and started making the visuals. This work made me want to experiment with another publication format and an animated film is being made on a shorter short story.
So much for the 2021 artistic review. Thank you to everyone who supports me in one way or another, it wouldn't have been possible without you.

2022 objectives

My first objective is to finally be able to open my company "LISAAE Editions and Services" in order to publish new products and to republish old books and news with this structure. The status of artist-author does not suit me especially for the new visual part which is considered as a video game. It will be easier to publish these while continuing to publish my writings and stories in different formats.
To achieve my goals for my publications, I hope to continue my cooperation with my reviser and start a new one with an English translator / reviser for visual novels / animations / films / etc. as well as for the translation of novels.
On the publication side, two publications should see the light of day in January, "Lathouor - The Book of Exile" and "Mysterious Disappearances" (episode 2 of the Lunimeran series). I am thinking of reposting soon the stories published last year. I've reworked parts of Book 1, The Lost Year in depth. I didn't change the story, just tweak the parts that didn't suit me. I added more details on some technologies etc. For those who have read it before, it will be less of a fantasy / sciFi mix, but only SciFi. I also intend to publish "Murder in high school" to launch the series "Moïja". I hope to be able to publish Volume 4 during the first semester at the start of the second at the latest.
As for the visual novel, I expect it to be released at the end of the year if all goes well. I expect to release the animated film later this year or by the end of the year at the latest.
As for the illustrations, I will publish them more regularly on the website and perhaps on Artstation. As in the structure, I will offer my services in 3D creation, it will also be a showcase of what I can achieve.
Of course, I will continue to write / revise / proofread cycle three and period four, as well as the two spin-offs and associated short stories. I am also thinking of exploring various media to disseminate the stories.
I hope to be able to continue to feed the Newsletter regularly and to offer new small gifts to the subscribers.
That's a lot of goals for the ME part and all the artistic part, knowing that I will also offer my services in IT on the side. I will make a specific post when everything is in place on this side.

See you soon for new adventures

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