Origin and evolution of the words Watchman and Veillorz in the cycle of Memoirs of a Veillorz.

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Badge of the Veilleur For those who have known the website for a long time, you have seen some changes in recent days, whether on the French version or on the English version. So here is a small point of explanation. For a long time, since the beginning of this adventure to tell the truth, I have described the word Veilleur as a word coming from Ræðusamos, the language common to all the planets, a sort of interplanetary Esperanto. Like all the words of this language, it is not gendered. Many people don't even have this notion of gender in the galaxy. It is pronounced [vejorz] in Ræðusamos.
The problem is that the word exists as it is in French. I've wanted to keep Veilleur for a long time, even in the English translations in place of Watchman, but I let myself be convinced by some language purists that it was a bad idea. This word is gendered in French and it has bothered me for so long that for a few months I was even thinking of changing it to "Veilleureuse", the neutral French word. But this no longer corresponds to the explanations given by Vlad in Volume 2 when Bronwen and Bicelmos ask him the question of how it is possible that the main base represents a V, for Veilleur. The two young people know that this word exists as such in French since their mother is Belgian and they speak English, French and Ræðusamos fluently. As Bonwen also explains the French word is only a homonym since it does not actually have the same meaning as that conferred by the title Veilleur/Veillorz.
Here are the corresponding excerpts from volume 2 and the game. The excerpts have been reworked to give more information than in the first version which I had deliberately left lighter.

Betrayals - Memoirs of a Veillorz - Volume 2
Vlad "The word Veilleur was introduced by Eyríkur.It exists as it is on Haïdadainkel where the letters "illeur" are pronounced "jorz". It's pronounced "vejorz", as you know, and it's increasingly written as Veillorz. It is part of Ræðusamos, the common language; even if each people keeps its dialect, all understand this word and this language. It is still too early on Earth, but one day soon all will know it. We believe that refugees introduced the word "Veilleur" into some Earth languages, in various forms, depending on their origin and accent. In some languages, it is even gendered, whereas the word Veilleur that represents us is not and, by the way, is also invariable, like all the words of common language."

Bronwen "In the French language, it comes from the Latin 'vigilare'."

Vlad "This word means 'Veilleur' in the dialect of the Nain (Dwarves) on Materra. The droids you call Roc lords on Earth were called "vigil," Vlad continued. They served as sentries and guards. I always thought that the word Haïdadainkel also came from there. The two planets traded a lot in a long time, before the Great War. Unfortunately, I couldn't find more information about it. It would be necessary to study the language of Haïdadainkel to hope to discover more on this subject...

Become Veillorz - Memoirs of a Veillorz - Game
Bronwen - headmistress of the Order of the Veilleur. - "The word Veilleur comes from Ræðusamos, the common language, even if it looks like the word used in some Earth languages and is the same as in the French language on Earth."
  "The word Veilleur is not gendered, unlike the french word which is declined in veilleur, veilleuse and veilleureuse."
  “This word exists as it is on Haïdadainkel and it means guardian, sentinel.”
  "Vlad had explained it to us on our first trip, the first time we saw the main base with Bicelmos."
  "He believed, correctly, that the word Veilleur had been introduced into the language of Haidadainkel by the Nain. The original word in the dialect of the Nain was Vigil on Materra."
  "The mixture with the old language of Haïdadainkel gave Veilleur, which remained in the common language."
  "The word Wardein comes from Haïdadainkel. It also exists on Varuljarna and strongly resembles the word Veruruisc."
  "The word Veilleur is pronounced vejorz and is also increasingly written as Veillorz."
  "We do not know why the word Veilleur and not Wardein was retained at the beginning. We only know that it was Eyríkur who called the members of this Order thus. Perhaps one of you will find out one day."
  "We believe that refugees have introduced the word Veilleur into certain Earth languages, in various forms, depending on their origin and their accent."
  "The French word comes from the Latin "vigilare" which comes from "vigil". I consider the French word to be only a homomyne since its meaning does not quite correspond to that of our title."
  "Only the refugee peoples on Earth know the Ræðusamos, it is not yet very widespread among the human people."
  "In short, the word Veilleur is used as it is on all the planets and all the peoples who know the Ræðusamos."

In history, all the peoples of all the planets of this galaxy use the word Veilleur as it is since it is part of the common language. I will therefore stick to what I wanted to put in place from the start and also use it as it is in the writings, whatever the language (French or English). The word being a foreign word for these two languages, it will always be written in italics and will not be granted. The V representing the main base and the insignia of the Veilleur, will therefore always be logical even in English where the word veilleur is translated by watchman, which has bothered me for several years now. In English, the title will therefore now be, "Memoirs of a Veilleur" and "The Order of the Veilleur". In French, we will have "Mémoires d'un Veilleur" and "L'Ordre des Veilleur".

From a more personal point of view, I hate reading a text or a movie/game/other where the symbols don't match the word, because it has been translated. I'm thinking of the H of a certain school of magic whose French name comes from a P. I had to read books in English at the time to understand what this H was referring to! Which to me is completely meaningless...

I plan to create a lexicon with the words of the Ræðusamos, with their pronunciation, and those of the different peoples that I use in certain texts. The names of the species that inhabit the planets, certain words commonly encountered in texts and which are sometimes used by other peoples, such as words from the language of Lathouor. Perhaps I will add the words and etymologies which have served me to create the terms of this language.

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