The stories relating to the adventures of the Veilleur/Veillorz.

Novels and Short Stories

NoHere you will find stories already published or currently being published regardless of the distribution format.
Each story is placed in a period of the cycle. You can discover them here.

Series Memoirs of a Veilleur/Veillorz


The cycle of Memoirs of a Veilleur/Veillorz is a science fiction cycle where we find references to earthly mythologies and fantasy.
The logo a simpler representation of the badge that all Veillorz have, in addition to the one who gives their function.

Offical cover
Lost year offical cover
Betrayed offical cover
Metanelie official cover
Offical cover. The Eternal Waterfall.

Lunimeran Series.

Logo lunimeran

This series is part of the cycle of Memoirs of a Veillorz. It tells the adventures of two of the protagonists, Inès Lucet and Anselm Merlin, two EBI agents..

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Moïja Series.

Logo Moïja

This series is part of the cycle of Memoirs of a Watcher. It traces the story of James Mac Alister and Dolorès Bossart, two EBI agents.

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