Review of the year 2022 and objectives for 2023

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fiche bilan annuel 2022 First of all, I wish you a beautiful and sweet new year, filled with beautiful moments of exchange, serenity and many beautiful artistic or other projects.
The annual exercise has arrived, so here is the review of the past year and the objectives for it.


Several books have been published this year and received very good reviews, which gives me a bit of a boost to continue. Only Lathouor was withdrawn from sale shortly after its release, following problems with my former service provider and an eye-opening feedback on how I wrote it. It is therefore back in the rewrite loop and will be going to beta-reading shortly.
To date, "Vacances macabres", "Mystérieuses disparitions", "Meurtre au lycée" and "L'Année Perdue" have been edited or re-edited via LISAAE studio. You will only find on the LISAAE site the services that I offer, the artistic part remains on the site.
For the first time since the beginning of this adventure, about six years ago, I sold a few books to really interested people. They are even available in the bookstore where I live, which really made me want to continue.
Thanks to the bookstore and a contest organized on a Facebook group, I got encouraging feedback and made some wonderful encounters. These allowed me to make contacts for book fairs that will take place in 2023.
This year also saw the production of the animated film "Le Noël de Jack" which was broadcast in 24 short episodes for the advent calendar. The complete film is being finalized for distribution via the Kalart platform. Unfortunately, due to technical problems, the last episodes of the advent calendar and the film do not have music. I hope to be able to release a version later with music. In this case, people who have purchased the film via NFT will also receive the new version with the music when it is available.
The visual novel "Double Murder" is finished, it must be corrected for the English version and I must add the music as soon as Serge can finish it. We fell behind on the musical part because of the same technical problems as for the film. Its release is scheduled for the end of January, if the musics are not finished, it will be released in version 1.0 without music and in version 1.1 when they are finished and integrated.
I also reworked the visuals of the game "Devenir Veilleur" to use the final versions of the characters and improve the places made in 3D. Those made in model have not been modified. I really like this 3D/model mix, maybe I'll do it again in the future when I have a workshop again. It will be available soon, I will tell you more when the time comes.
This year will also have seen the birth of a new medium for distributing short stories and novels: the interactive novel. It is different from the visual novels since it is read from a browser and does not require installation, unlike the visual novels which is considered more like a game.
I tested this format to offer excerpts from novels and short stories already published:
The extracts:
Meurtre au lycée  (in french)
L'Année Perdue (in french)
Illustrated shorts stories:
Shap  (in french)
Dagiran  (in french)

I also used this format to present the advent calendar.

It also served me to prepare the presentation of the film and its supplements in the form of DVD menus.

For the first time, I had to record my voice for the making-of... The longest part was preparing the subtitles (French and English) and synchronizing them with the voice. It was easier with the film since the dialogues are written. This exercise was quite fun to create and to find for the occasion the first renderings which were used to validate the storyboards.

This year will have finally been busy ;-)


The first objective is to republish Volumes 2 & 3 of the main cycle "Trahisons" & "Métanelie" by the end of February in order to prepare the release of Volume 4 for March (I also have to find an idea for the cover...) . I've scheduled the release for March 23 if all goes well. I would also like to republish Lathouor for the end of the first quarter or the beginning of the second to be able to offer it at the May show. The ideal would be to be able to offer volumes 5-6-7 for the end of the year, to see...
As specified in the report, I will also publish the visual novel "Double Murder" as well as the reworked version of "Become Watchman". I will also complete the script for the short story "The Marquis Stockman" which will be released as a visual novel. The ideal would be to have finished the scripting by the end of February, at least for the whole first part, to take advantage of the emulation of the NanoReno in March, a kind of Nanowrimo dedicated to visual news under Ren'Py. This one would allow me to release at least the demo.
I don't know yet if I'll have time to make a little animated film again this year, even if the idea sounds good to me.
Several short stories are already being published as an interactive novel. The first "Un métier exaltant" which was released a few years ago in the form of a short story in the collection "Rencontres" is already ready and will be released for free reading in a few days. A more elaborate version on the illustration side will be offered for sale in an interactive novel which will take up the stories from the initial collection.
"L'Année Perdue" is also being worked on to make it an interactive novel. I would like to add, in addition to the illustrations, the audio version. The first chapter is finished, there is still the audio to do if I decide to add it. I think I'm going to offer this first chapter for free reading with fewer illustrations and for sale in NFT with all the illustrations to see if this type of format and content interests readers or not, knowing that the public who buys works in NFT is not the same as reading paper books/ebook.
I also plan to offer the film and visual novels/games/interactive novels, on USB keys. I want, as with everything else, to be respectful of nature. I found a company that offers fully recycled wooden USB keys. So I'm going to dig this route. This would allow me to also offer these works at book fairs or art fairs. It would then be possible in addition to add ebooks.
On the contact side, I already have some contacts for book or artistic fairs and meetings between authors. I'm going to have to plan a stock of books and find even more shows to do this year. I will also contact other bookstores.
To manage all of this, thanks to the advice of an author I met recently, I am going to develop software that will allow me to manage stocks, consignments, etc. It will be made available in free and open source on framapiaf and github.
So much for the artistic objectives of this year, to see what will be achievable.
The objectives for LISAAE are to make the company sustainable, I don't know yet if I will keep the current status or if I will go through a self-employed status afterwards. The problem with the SASU format (french format for company) is that it is very expensive to maintain (bank fees, accountant fees, etc.) so to see. Over the past year I have offered more and more services according to demand, to see if they will develop this year.
See you soon for the rest of the adventures...

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