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Cascade avec petite zone de verdure devant. En arrière plan des montagnes avec d'autres cascades sur une étendue d'eau. That's it, finally, volume 4 which closes the first arc of the series is published. It is called "Between present and past".

The 4th cover:

Samia and Julia, who is who? Only Ethan makes the difference. But when he suspects that a mission is going to end badly, he confesses certain things to Simoniel. When Ethan disappears and the Veillorz are unable to contact his teleporter, Simoniel has no other choice but to contact his sister who pretends to be Julia. Will they find Ethan? Why did Samia and Julia switch places? This exchange raises so many questions, not only about the present, but also about the past, about those the Veillorz call the legends, and also about the future. To what extent can the Veillorz navigate from one era to another without breaking the first two rules?

In this story which takes place in 2257, you will find Ethan, Samia, Simoniel, Reth, John, Nathanaël, Lynette, but also Solène, Jack, Alex, Baptiste and their children and grandchildren.

Correction and proofreading: Olivier Delcroix (Zorba Ratin)

writing history

The initial writing took no longer than usual. I knew how it had happened and as usual, I only had to tell what my mind had concocted. The hardest thing about this tome was dealing with the fact that the story takes place in two different eras that have an implication with each other in both directions. Yes, I still love time travel so much, which requires great rigor not to create a paradox. Especially in this volume that ends the first arc of the story. You will find out who is trying to free the planet Milenia from the time loop it is locked in and why. Why the Lost Year took place, why Solène,
Both story periods have been written for a few years now (2018-2019 from memory), but it took me a while to figure out how to present them. There are of course short stories which are linked to this volume and which were written at the same time, and I am reworking one of them at the moment.
The writing was also moving and a little difficult on certain scenes, as much as during the writing of the scene where Charlie sacrifices himself in the Lost Year. As in volume 2, there are certainly difficult moments, but also moments of tenderness, joy and sharing.

The cover

I think that was the most difficult to conceive, I couldn't find the idea, until a few months ago when I finally resumed my reflection on the subject and found that one of the places that links the 4 volumes, in addition to Milénia, it is the eternal cascade or thousand and first cascades, where Solène and Jack, as well as Samia and Ethan consented to the ultimate union. This place therefore naturally became the cover of this volume. I can't say where this waterfall is without spoiling the content, but I hope this place doesn't disappoint you. As I didn't have the heart to cut the scene when I created it with Blender, I put it in full and it is therefore represented on the cover, spine and 4th cover.

cover Between present and past.  Waterfall with small area of ​​greenery in front.  In the background of the mountains with other waterfalls on a body of water.  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
So much for the story of this volume. Volumes 5 to 7 are written and being corrected.

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