How to support and why ?

I had chosen to give access to my writings in free reading as well as to everything relating to this universe, because I think it is important to share everything that appeals to the imagination. This universe is where I live most of the time (yes, I know, said like that, it can be scary), but I think it's important to share it with everyone without restriction. Unfortunately, many years of experience has taught me that this pattern doesn't work for books.

The paper and ebook versions are self-published under the name of my company: LISAAE . I refuse the current system created by the big publishing houses, on the other hand I support the small publishing houses. I want to keep my freedom on my publications whatever the format used. I also want the printouts of the paper versions to be made on demand and Imprim'Vert certified.

I come from the free software world and I would like to be able to apply this principle to reading.

You can support me in different ways: beta-reading, correction, translation assistance, translation correction, reading feedback, sponsorship.

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You can contact me at this address: info @ loumorens. com