My name is Lou Morens. I am a french computer scientist, author and recently, I illustrate my world myself. I took 2D drawing lessons and got back to 3D. I continue to train in 3D on Blender in order to bring more graphic content. J'ai démissionné de la fonction publique en juin 2021. Cela me permet de consacrer plus de temps à cet univers. Je travaille maintenant en Freelance, le reste du temps.

I started by writing, a long time ago, detective stories with more or less a fantastic dimension, I switched to fantasy and finally I created my science-fiction universe where my first writings finally found their place. For a few years now, my project has been to bring more content to this universe, not only texts, but also illustrations, visual novels / games, illustrated news and small comics, animations to enhance the texts and explore the different possibilities offered to tell a story.

This allowed me to learn and improve myself in several areas such as scriptwriting, creation of visuals, creation of 3D models in wood, cardboard, etc., all my models created since I was 15 have also found their place in this universe and 3D visuals with blender, the creation of game mechanics and the use of the game engine / visual news, Ren'Py, etc. It allowed me to use my software development skills to do things that I love.

I mainly use free and open-source software. I have been working exclusively under Linux since 1999, Debian, then Kubuntu for 2 years. I am breaking my principles a few times by using Antidote, but I have not yet found the free software equivalent. It serves me for corrections coupled with Grammalecte and to help me during translations. It also allows me to have easy access to the etymology of words in the two languages and thus helps me to build the languages of the peoples of the different planets. I also like to play with the words translated into different languages to create the different languages used in the cycle.

My favorite software are Manuskript, Zim, OmegaT, Caliber, epubEditor, LibreOffice, Scribus, Krita, MakeHuman, Blender, OBS, Kdenlive, Ancestris, to manage all the genealogies of the characters since the cycle takes place over several centuries, Freeplane, Geany and Ren'Py for visual novels. I now use Unreal Engine for some of my illustrations and animations.

I am using PluXML to create this site and I added some features thanks to the articles by David Revoy, thank you very much, as well as two themes, the old theme used until September 2021 and this one. They are shared on Framagit.

All illustrations on this site, except for the covers of "The Lost Year" and "Betrayed" which were produced by Christelle Ponche, are made by me (it's worth what it's worth ...) and are under license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 for the most part. It includes the cover image and the separation images in the texts. The musics are created by Serge Longoulet (The music is under CC BY-SA license) as well as the clips filmed with real people. The trailers, the videos taken from visuals novels, those created to present the universe, as well as the animations are entirely made by me and the music is still by Serge Longoulet. The texts are free to read and under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. The paper and ebook versions are embellished with illustrations, unlike the free reading versions. Illustrations are available on this website for those reading directly through here.

I made the choice to give access to my writings in free reading as well as to everything that is related to this universe, because I think it is important to share everything that has appeal to the imagination. This universe is where I live most of the time (yes, I know, said like that, it can be scary), but I think it's important to share it with everyone without restriction. The visuals novels are distributed via the platform which allows me to provide easy access to new versions with a Changelog accessible to users.

The paper and ebook versions are self-published. I refuse the current system created by the big publishing houses, I support the small publishing houses on the other hand. I want to keep my freedom on my publications whatever the format used. I also want the printouts of the paper versions to be made on demand and Imprim'Vert certified.

I come from the world of free software and I would like to be able to apply this principle to reading. If you appreciate this principle and you like WebComics, I invite you to read David Revoy's one: Pepper and Carrot. It is free and open-source.

You will still find some writings and some chronicles under the pen name "Louise Morens" which was my former author name when I was a woman, but they all take place in the same universe.

You can contact me at this address : info @ loumorens . com

To support me You can support me in different ways: beta-reading, translation assistance, correction and correction of translations, reading feedback, sponsorship. For the latter, I use Tipeee which is an alternative to Patreon with an interface translated into several languages and which uses the euro as currency.

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