Computer scientist who dreams of visiting the stars, I spend my free time in my imagination. The latter allows me to travel from one planet to another and to discover many people with more or less advanced technologies.

These moments of intellectual freedom allow me to create worlds where science fiction, traditional fantasy and earth mythologies mix.

I read various genres, polar, fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, urban fantasy ...

I started more than eighty years ago writing police stories before turning to fantasy and science fiction. I created a world of science fiction where my characters evolve through the centuries and generations. Today all my writings are in this universe.

I mainly use free and open source software with one exception, Antidote to help me correct and translate. I write with Manuskript, Libre Office and Calibre. The illustrations are created with Krita, Gimp and Blender.

All the illustrations on this site, except the covers of "L'Année perdue" and "Trahisons" that were realized by Christelle, are done by me (it's worth it ...) and are under CC license BY NC ND. It includes the cover image and the separation images in the texts. The videos are made by me and music by Serge Longoulet (The music is licensed CC BY).

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info @ loumorens . com

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