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Short presentation of the new version of Volume 1 of Memoirs of a Watchman: The Lost Year. This version is only available in French for now.
I took the plunge and published Volume 1 in self-publishing on January 15, via bookelis in paper and ebook. I modified some sentences, added some details compared to the version published on behalf of author at Atramenta. I hesitate to withdraw this version from the market. I much prefer the news which corresponds more to what I wanted to do since the beginning of the adventure of the publication.

This version is embellished with illustrations, some created in 3D and retouched in 2D, others in 2D only. They are unfortunately in black and white in the paper book and the ebook. I hesitated to put them in a color version, but the cost of the book is becoming too high.

For the drop caps and the page turn, I tried to create them in the tradition, but with an SF aspect. I also wanted to keep a special touch that recalls the precepts of the Watchmen. Inside the page turn are inscribed the names of the protagonists and the planets mentioned. I also created a second introductory trailer. It uses the visual of the game which will be available on February 1, 2021, and the music is the one that Serge Longoulet created for the solar system which contains the Earth, the Salvasulon system. I'll let you discover it.

You can find all the music dedicated to the cycle on the dedicated page of the site , as well as on its bandcamp page and Serge's Youtube channel.

Here is a small presentation image of this edition:


Do not hesitate to visit the page dedicated to this Volume .

You can also read a passage from the book in music here.

Do not hesitate to give me your feedback on this edition. Volumes 2 and 3 will follow shortly, the time to finish the illustrations and drop caps.

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