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If you like listening to music while reading, here is a passage from the Lost Year, the first volume of Mémoires d'un Veilleur, accompanied by music specially composed by Serge Longoulet to accompany it.

The text was translated quickly from the French version. The book is being translated. I'm sorry for the mistakes and bad translations that remain.

Alex and Solene followed the directions given by Mr. Cooper. Solene checked Dilysingur, both remained on their guard. The forest to them seemed more and more dense and cold. They thus traveled several kilometers without meeting a living soul. No forest path crossed their path. Dilysingur glistened slightly and the warriors drew their swords. They could not be very far from the house of the guardian. The dagger's luminous intensity increased rapidly. Solene put it back in its sheath. She and Alex held their sword in both hands, ready to slice through the air. They arrived near a clearing. The first Konhouarns appeared behind the trees. The first arrows whistled above their heads. The warriors took a few steps forward to meet their enemies, who were still few in number. They silenced them in seconds.

They both felt a strange sensation as the swords pierced the bodies. They had never used a sword before energetic in real combat, they cut and burn their victims. Alex and Solene exchanged a look and ran to the clearing hoping to find the lake there. Konhouarns pursued them while others came to meet them. The heirs were surrounded. Solene and Alex were back to back, to better see their enemies and protect each other. Nobody was moving. The Konhouarns measured the warriors, certain of their victory. Their leader stepped forward a bit, stared at Solene who was in front of him. He raised his arm, the Konhouarns stamped their feet, he sent two of them to fight the Humans. Cries of encouragement echoed through the forest. The swords swirled around, decapitating the two attackers before they even raised their weapons. Two others stepped forward and suffered the same fate. The chief growled before sending off four of his men.

The screams grew louder and louder. Alex and Solene parried the attacks without difficulty, in an almost symmetrical fashion, the swords tore the hands of the former and sliced the torso of the latter. The wounded Konhouarns screamed. The others fell silent. Half a dozen enemies approached. Solene and Alex parried without too much difficulty. The Konhouarns did not know any technique unlike them who were excellent swordsmen. They dodged the blows, turning on themselves, still back to back. The sun sets reflected behind the trees, leaving them to imagine a body of water. They had to reach the other side of the clearing. The sky suddenly darkened, which confused the Konhouarns.

Alex grabbed Solene's hand and they ran to this sparkling thing. If it wasn't the lake, they were lost. They were not mistaken and were relieved for a moment. But what should they do to call the babysitter? Arrows whistled near them again, the Konhouarns had pursued them. With no more escape, they whirled around. With their backs to the lake, they took notice. The Konhouarns certain of their victory shouted and laughed. Again, their leader raised his arm, smiled widely at his enemies, and sent his men out.

Half a dozen first, encouraged by their brethren, then others pounced on the warriors. Only the energy of desperation gave them the strength to carry on and guided the swords. Both were focused like never before, to hit the mark every time. The cries of the pains of the Konhouarns who fell at their feet also encouraged them. The sky slowly darkens, a hoarse voice emerges from nowhere.

- See you, you're out of luck!

- Never! Alex yelled.

The Konhouarns, distracted for a moment, became more pressing. Believing them to be hopeless, a form appeared among the assailants who moved away. They recognized Aeddan, but he looked taller and stronger. He addressed them again in his terrible, threatening voice.

- You are going to die, you who challenged me!


They exchanged looks. Then Alex ran headlong towards him, shouting, "In memory of Adaluid," Solene did the same, screaming "For Arthvawr". Their swords swirled, but their bearers were exhausted. A low rumbling added to the armor-shattering blades. He was accompanied by what looked like laser shots coming from the lake. The Konhouarns who had not fallen took refuge in the forest and Aeddan disappeared. The shooting continued for a few moments, then the rumble ceased. The warriors looked at each other in disbelief and questioning. They thought they were defeated and came out of the clash unscathed. They scanned the lake and saw two towers surmounted by laser weapons that sank gently into the water. A second hum, soothing this time, was heard. A platform rose slowly to the surface. A shape stood out in the middle of it. She drew them in, they approached the shore. A very old veruruisce woman and her two prime sons emerged from the water. A boat docked on the bank and the warriors embarked. The guard watched them for a few moments as they approached her. They bowed to her, not knowing what to say.

- What are two Humans doing alone against an army made up of beings resembling the Konhouarns of Milénia?

- We have come from the city of Gwilym to meet you, Lady Bronwen.

- What do I owe the honor of your visit?

- Jack, Mr. Cooper, has explained to us your mission for over a century, my Lady.

- Several senior members of the Order of Valaquenta believe the prophecy concerns us, Alex added.

- So the heirs of Arthvawr and Adaluid have come to claim their due. Why do you imagine yourself worthy of receiving them?

- I don't think we are more worthy of it than any member of the Order. Only, on this day, I see no other way to fulfill the prophecy or to protect my daughter and the people who live on this planet.

- And you, young girl?

- I don't know why the High Council considers that we are worthy to wield the great blades of justice. I just know that we have to find a way to keep the peace and freedom of every people.

- Well, yes, Jack, the Watcher, who cares for this planet and its inhabitants, thinks you are worthy to wield them, so be it! But I must warn you, the swords will answer you only if you are indeed the heirs of their respective masters. They are made in Milan ... They are traversed by a particularly powerful energy field. The cells and circuitry are intact, but you will need to be careful. They will bond with you, allowing you to subdue them, or they will kill you ...

Faced with their questioning, she explained.

- Don't look at me like that, if Jack sent you to see me and told you his biggest secret, it's because he believes in you. I don't know you, I can't judge your worth. What I saw a few minutes ago only comforts me in his judgment. You have nothing to envy the Veruruisk warriors ... Jack trained you well ...

She looked briefly at her sons who walked over to Alex and Solene.

- This is Blarsverrett and Eldursverrett, may their power guide and protect you. My children, give them the blades of justice. May you put it to good use.

The boat brought them back to shore. The swords were magnificent. The glittering blades were covered with inscriptions. They could not admire them for long, the Konhouarns returned to the charge, the fear of their master was stronger than that of lasers. The two warriors did an about-face, Alex sounded the horn, his strength and those of his companion were increased tenfold by the power of the energy cells. The blades of justice had accepted them and bonded with them. As soon as the Konhouarns came within range of the swords, they pierced them, hitting the target each time. They twirled gracefully protecting their carriers and guiding their arms.

Their enemies gave them no respite, however. Arrows from the forest decimated the last ranks of the Konhouarns. The Alfes, Jack, Charlie, Baptiste and Tarfur rushed to their aid. The sky had cleared since the swords were awakened. Alex and Solene exterminated the Konhouarns who remained in front of them. The fight slowed down, despite the energy of the swords, they were both reaching the end of their strength. Jack and Tarfur were coming their way. Jack was unusually ferocious, and he had nothing to envy of the Veruruk warriors either. Tarfur's ax twirled, reflecting the sunlight. Charlie, Baptiste and the Alfes pursued the fugitives. Alex and Solene let their joy burst out when Jack and Tarfur came up to them. The Watcher looked at them for a moment before hugging them for a long moment.

- Give me some room, Mr. Cooper ... exclaimed Tarfur, who was waiting by their side.

The four of them laughed heartily and Tarfur hugged them too.

Extract from L'Année Perdue - Volume 1 of Memoirs of a Watchman. You can find all the information here

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