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Review of the last three months (Sept-Nov 2021)

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Image fiche bilan 09-11/2021 Following many unforeseen events, I made little progress on the objectives set for the end of the year. All the same, here are the news in the different themes, writing, 3D illustrations, new visual.


First of all, I don't know if I will be able to publish Lathouor and Mysterious Disappearances between now and the feast of the solstice. As some of you already know, I am in the process of setting up my business, but it is taking more time than initially expected. This delays me in my publications, since this structure will allow me, among other things, to publish my books and games and to stop my status as an artist-author. This part of my activities was not initially planned and obliges me to think differently for the publications of this end of the year. That said, I would really like to publish Lathouor in December, this story is close to my heart and I can't wait to share it with you.

My fertile imagination had led me to start writing the story of Veljko and Lilian. This story takes shape little by little and brings others. I, who thought the cycle was limited to 4 periods, a fifth was born thanks to them. A new story is being prepared. The general framework is created, but needs to be more detailed.


Despite all the unforeseen events, I was able to advance a bit in my 3D lessons. I was able to create some additional illustrations to enhance the universe.
I started the illustrations for the next visual novel. From memory, there are about 90 to do.

The big news this year is that I have created an Advent calendar, the very first. As I don't like platforms that offer their services to put them online, I preferred to create an article on the blog for each day. An excerpt from one of the stories will be revealed to you every morning, along with a part of the surprise image.
If you want to be informed every day of the article address, do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter. You will also receive some additional information about the universe and an illustrated news in pdf format.

It's over for this review. See you tomorrow for the first surprise on the 2021 Advent calendar.

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