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Review 2021, July

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fiche bilan A quick review for this month of July which has passed very quickly. As you know, if you've read the latest posts or subscribed to the newsletter, I've moved to a house where there is a lot of construction going on. We will be able to arrange it to our liking, but it takes time. So I have a lot less to work on the projects around the Memoirs of a Watchman. At the same time, I also have to prepare all the communication for the opening of my small business in a few months. I must also prepare the communication around the Memoirs of a Watchman.
To come back to the balance sheet, I have not made progress on the new visual. I suspected it a little and am therefore not disappointed.

New Story

I had the good surprise to meet new characters who were invited in early July in my head. So I made good progress on their history and this allowed me to flesh out all the volumes of the 3rd period of the cycle.

This story takes place after Volume 5: Mars. Its title (provisional or not) is Markaðurjarna.

This planet is located in the Grarmudfler system, where we also find Knokandia, Hazarzuzim and Sterrinkel. Part of the planet is protected so that the species that live there are peaceful. Another part of the planet, almost desert and where no indigenous life flourished, has been granted to the inhabitants of other planets to build a market town. It represents the largest market in this galaxy, with all the good and bad that it can have. The story itself primarily concerns Léonce, Jaroslav and Leslie. There are characters from Volume 5. We will also travel to Mars and Earth, among other places. Léonce is an adorable young person. They is intersex and has to face his fears, people who want to get they back to ... I can't say it without revealing a little too much of the story. All I can say is that Léonce will make us travel, laugh, smile and that they is moving. The common language used on all the planets only uses the neutral gender, very few words are gendered which simplifies Léonce's life. It is very difficult to transcribe in French on the other hand. They didn't make it easy for me ...

  • Every week, I give the progress of the project on Instagram and Framapiaf as a priority.
    Copie ecran Instagram

Video et Newsletter

I also made a lot of progress on the content for the newsletter and found a PeerTube instance to host my videos. You can find them here. PeerTube

  • I will prepare in August a page for newsletter subscribers that will allow them to reread the old newsletters. I was also able to set up the necessary to send the welcome gift to new registrants. The elders received it last Friday, along with the letter dedicated to the Order of Valaquenta. A second giveaway will be available soon, but I still have to work on it.

  • The Friday letter is devoted to sending information on the cycle of Memoirs of a Watchman, interviewing characters, presentation of the Order of Watchers, ships, planets, etc. Tuesday's monthly letter will remain devoted to reviews and objectives, as well as information on the publication of a new blog post.


  • Prepare visuals to give the progress of the different projects each week. This is already the case for Markaðurjarna and I like this format of communication.

  • Prepare the contents of the newsletters for the rest of the year.

  • Complete the layout of the second newsletter welcome gift.

  • If possible, move forward on the new visual, even if that seems compromised to me as long as we have not progressed further in the work.

  • Advance on the writing of the 3rd period of the cycle, now that all the blocking points have been removed thanks to Léonce and Jaroslav.

There will be no Friday newsletter this week or next week. With the work and without my material, I could not prepare correct content. I therefore prefer to postpone the next letter by two weeks.

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