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Treason - Memoirs of a Watchman - Episode 2

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You say it often, mom, we too have chosen our path, like you and daddy
Bicelmos Cooper, Betrayals, Memories of a Watchman, Volume 2


The text was translated quickly from the French version. The book is being translated. I'm sorry for the mistakes and bad translations that remain.

This story takes place some 20 years after The Lost Year. The main protagonists of Volume 1 have become itinerant or attached Watchmen. It features the old Watchmen and their children.

Who successively kidnaps Jack then Alex?
Why is Solene forced to observe her husband's tragic past?
Will the younger generation be able to help the Watchmen by discovering Eyríkur's heavy secret?
Solene will have to navigate between past , present and future, without ever deviating from the first rule of the Watchmen: Never interfere with the past .


On a trivial mission, Jack disappears in front of his wife and Alex. After being forced to observe her husband's tragic past, Solene returns to Earth where she is wasting away more every day. Jack reappears on his birthday, but it's Alex who then disappears ... Who persists in destroying Solene's sanity and especially why? Will the Cooper children accept their parents' decisions and their implications?
The Watchmen's quest for truth will reveal betrayals and deep secrets. Will the younger generation be able to help and support them?


October 2026
Jack gently maneuvered the little corvette as it approached the freighter that had sent a distress signal. He was scanning the hull, the ship didn't appear to have been damaged. The protective field that protected the garage a void was not triggered, which appealed to them. Alex repeatedly asked for permission to land. In the absence of an answer, they put the corvette on the tarmac.
The Watchmen magnetized their shoes and engaged the protective field of their suit. An invisible bubble circled their heads to trap ambient air, and the self-contained filtering system kicked in. The suits were designed to protect them from cold and void. They waited for the cargo hold door is fully open to carefully descend onto the tarmac, weapons in hand. After making sure no one was there, they walked over to the hatch where two unlit droids were reloading. The corridor that leading to the deserted control tower was pressurized and oxygen levels satisfactory, allowing them to breathe fresh air again. Jack checked the data on the mainframe. They were the only forms of animal life present on board. After several tries, he finally succeeded in restarting the gravity generator. The protective field was no longer functioning and it was not possible to extend the gravitational field to the garage. Alex was checking the plans, when he noticed the name and date indicated in the cartouche. The two men were speechless, the Marie-Antoinette would only exist in three hundred years, it was built on Earth and was in no way authorized to travel outside its time. Jack prepared a message for the main base.
- You won't be able to send it ... Alex pointed out, pointing to the object he was holding in his hand. The communication system has been sabotaged!
- I hate ships ghosts ! Let's go visit the command room, we'll send the data to Brangwen when we get back to the corvette.
The two of them walked cautiously through the dark corridors. They were approaching the cockpit when a small vibration immediately followed by the sound of broken glass caught their attention. They placed themselves around the door of the incriminated room. Jack opened it gently and Alex pulled in the gun in stating their identity and mission, as demanded the procedure.
With no answer, they both entered, determined to search the premises. Alex suddenly collapsed and the door slammed shut behind them. Jack rushed over to his teammate and laid him on his back. He then observed the room. It was a private living room, furnished with a red velvet sofa, a coffee table and various consoles. Mr. Cooper noticed a broken vase among several overturned objects. Alex had regained consciousness and was trying in vain to get up. He could hardly speak. Jack leaned against the couch and examined him meticulously, a tiny dart sticking to his neck. He sniffed it, looked at the consoles, and found small vials on one of them. He checked the scent of the head of the arrow and the names written on the labels. His fears arose when he discovered the name of the poison on one of them. He returned to Alex, who he laid down on the couch. He could read the panic in the eyes of his old friend who was no longer in control of his body.
- You must remain aware! The poison will paralyze your limbs and your vital functions one after the other. I'll get you out of here, but stay aware!
Jack tried to contact the base directly from the teleporters, but they reacted strangely even when coupling them no signal managed to pass. He then decided to contact Solene. Their union had given them the ability to communicate by thought. It was not not telepathy, as it is practiced by many people and no one knew they could communicate that way. They rarely used it when they wanted to chat discreetly or to dispense with information important.
Solene was having dinner with her children when she received the message from her husband. She used to not blink when they communicated this way.
- Girl, we've fallen into a trap. Alex is poisoned. The antidote is in compartment twenty of the fifth chest. There is little time left. The teleporters are blocked. Try to find a way.
This times, she was silent for a moment. Before the questioning gaze of the children, she stood up and used the communicator that linked her to the London base to ask Baptiste to bring her the antidote and notify the main base.
Some minutes later, Brangwen explained to them the mission she had given the Watchmen. She was worried, the sensors could no longer locate the freighter, the corvette, or the teleporters. She had already started a search, so far unsuccessful. Solene knew time was running out. This poison was acting quickly, despite his training, Alex could not resist for long.
- If they were set a trap, the perpetrator may have sent the ship somewhere else, Baptiste suggested.
- If so, we will take some time to find them. We risk arriving too late! Solene, how did Jack contact you?
- We're having a mental chat… Don't ask me anything, Brangwen, please!
- I'm not going to ask you a question for the moment. We don't have time. I put the main base on alert and I send corvettes to the last coordinates received.
Solene received a new mental message, which she immediately relayed.
- Jack thinks they are out of sync for a few seconds, he does not know which way. I can find them. We have no time to waste, Alex is going to run out of air soon!
- I forbid you, it's too dangerous!
- I will not leave them! I can smell it, I can find them!
- How? You can't use the teleporter without a precise coordinate!
- You can't understand, Brangwen !
- I'm coming with you.
- No Baptiste! If I made a mistake and end up in a void or in a black hole, our children will be alone… Protect them! Warn Eleonora.
Solene kissed Bicelmos and Bronwen and whispered a few words to them. She took the antidote, pulled back and activated the teleporter. She came directly next to her husband, who, surprise passed, held her back until she regained her balance. Solene heard Alex whisper a few words.
- Tell Eleonora that I love her.
He was dying, Jack always kept him awake to slow the effect of the poison. Solene didn't wait another second and injected the antidote directly into her mentor's heart, speaking softly to him.
- You tell him yourself!
Alex Gradually resumed a regular heartbeat and breathed normally again. He was still unconscious. His mind was navigating his past, reliving his meeting with Eleonora. He saw again this beautiful iszurka woman who was approaching their table and the effect it had on him, Baptiste's teasing, then his meeting with the Cooper couple and their children, the day Bronwen was born, Bicelmos' words when Jack had dropped off the laundry package White in her arms: “You have to be gentle, she is brand new”. He remembered the emotion he had felt and thought about the first time he had held his daughter, then her first steps and the first time she had called him dad. he then felt the hands caressing her hair and the voice of her protege urging him to return to this world. He finally opened his eyes. As soon as they were reassured, his companions exchanged a long look and a smile. Both were relieved, even though they knew they would have to provide an explanation to Brangwen.
- Did you have time to put on a wetsuit?
- No, I have nothing but my clothes and the antidote.
- How could you come so quickly ?
- Don't talk, take a rest, the antidote hasn't finished its job yet, Jack replied with a wink. You know where we got together, Alex. I think you know the whole legend. We can communicate by thought and also we find if necessary. Is the base notified?
- Yes, Brangwen has mobilized the teams to analyze the seconds surrounding the last known coordinates of the freighter.
- As soon as Alex can walk, we will have to join the transport!
Alex stared at his protege who seemed to him embarrassed. He did indeed know the legend that surrounded his friends, Eleonora had explained to him what she knew about it. Ten years earlier, when they returned from their honeymoon, he had been confirmed that it was not just a legend. Alex put his finger on the young woman's mouth who was awkwardly stammering out some apologies.
- You haven't done anything wrong, he whispered then. I knew it as soon as you stepped on the tarmac that day.
Solene smiled and thanked his mentor. She repeated Jack's advice and Alex rested. He recalled the heated argument he had had with his old friend while they were practicing marksmanship.
"- Is that true?
- What are you talking about, Alex?
- You know that very well, Jack!
- We really can't nothing hide to you!
- Not when it concerns you and Solene. Why?
Jack had hesitated a moment before answering, he could easily imagine his old friend's reaction, but he had to tell him the truth.
- I don't want to lose her anymore… I refuse to have to survive her. I don’t know how many years I have left, but Solene is aging faster than me… She even ages too quickly for a human.
- Have you thought about your children? Did you think that you might not come back from a mission and that if one of you were to disappear, they would be orphans? They are only six and eight years old!
- We thought about it, we stayed a month in front of the rock wall, before registering our vows and consummating our union . Time does not have an impact there, you don't feel it passing, you don't feel thirst, nor hunger, nor fatigue, as if the room was out of time. We didn't realize the time had passed until we got to the ship. Solene is waiting for the right moment to tell you about it, but maybe it's my turn to ask you to take care of our children, if necessary.
- I will , Baptiste too. You know it perfectly!
- I know it, but you know her, your protege always needs to be reassured when it comes to Bicelmos and Bronwen.
- For their safety and yours, this union must remain secret!
- I know, Alex… You missed a shot…
- You missed two, old man… ”
Jack had taken advantage of Solene's presence to fully search the room and the adjoining bedroom. He discovered a jumpsuit hanging in the middle of futuristic evening dresses that made him smile.
- I will never wear such a thing, old man!
- Too bad, I would have asked Lisa to make a similar one ... Seriously, this jumpsuit should look good on you.

Cover realized by Christelle. You can see her artworks here.
Interior illustrations: Lou Morens.

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A first version was published by Atramenta in Fébruary 2019 (ISBN : 978-952-340-398-7 ; 978-952-340-405-2). (No longer for sale)

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