Welcome to my world. These pages are dedicated to "Mémoires d'un Veilleur" (Memoirs of a Watchman).

In this SciFi universe, you could find many references in several human mythologies. The story begun on Earth, in the first volume, "L'Année perdue" (The Lost Year), which was published by Atramenta Editions, in 2018, July. The second volume ‘Trahisons’ (treason) was published in 2019, February, always by Atramenta Editions. It takes place on Earth and on a space station.

The following volumes take place on Earth, and on the other planets described in this universe. Some short stories unfolds on the Earth before the Lost Year. They allow you to get to know each character better: Jack Cooper, Solène Andersen, Alexandre Bridger, Baptiste Le Bel, Charlie Dubois. They can find them, in ‘Coopération et vérité’ (Cooperation and Truth) and ‘Rencontres’ (Meetings). Several interviews realised after the second volumes also get a lot of information about them.


This image represents the precepts that every watchman must respect: Respect, Protection, Justice and Safeguard. You can learn more about this universe in the wiki. You will find information not only about the Order of the Watchmen, but also about characters, planets, peoples, etc.

The Memoirs of a watchman include the adventures of the Watchman Jack Cooper and his companions: Vlad, Joshua, Alexandre, Solène, Baptiste, Charlie, etc., as well as those of their descendants. I will update the genealogies, and chronologies as novels become available. Several illustrations become, I’m not graphic artist and I just try to illustrate my world.

The musical universe brings together all the pieces created by Serge Longoulet. They are available on Bancamp and some are accompanied by a video visible on YouTube.
Bancamp by Serge Longoulet
YouTube by Serge Longoulet
YouTube by Louise Morens

The Blog includes articles that describe the characters, the universe, the tools used to write, etc. It exists only since the beginning of 2018. I will add articles regularly, don’t hesitate to consult it and to leave your comments. It is only available in french.

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L'Année perdue : Les chroniques de Lee Ham


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L'antre du Loup

Coopération et vérité : Alvyane Kermoal


Trahisons : Les chroniques de Lee Ham


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Métanélie : Les chroniques de Lee Ham


Interviews (in french)

Les chroniques pressées : interview Flash auteur

Interview 2 : Les lectures familiales : jeu de l'auteur mystère et la réponse au jeu

Interview 3 : L'antre du Loup - Renardeau curieux en entretien avec Louise Morens

Interview 4 par Joêlle Marchal - Les lecture de Cerise 74

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