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Here you will find everything about the Veillorz and their adventures across the galaxy and beyond.

presentation 3D des divers œouvres relatives aux Memoires d'un Veilleur sur divers formats

The cycle of Memoirs of a Veillorz is a cycle of science fiction in which we find references to earthly mythologies and fantasy, especially in the first volume.

The word Veilleur is a word that comes from the common language created for this cycle, the Ræðusamos. It is not gendered, since it is considered a foreign word, even if this word exists in French. The title of the cycle in its English version is "Memoirs of a Veillorz". You will find the Order of the Veillorz, etc. It is pronounced [vejorz]. In the simplified spelling of Ræðusamos based on the spoken language, it is also written Veillorz. The name of the cycle in its English version is "Memoirs of a Veillorz". Veillorz, etc. The choice was made to use, in most of the texts, this spelling rather than the traditional spelling, to avoid amalgams with the French word which is only a homograph, since it has no not the same meaning.

As one of the characters in the animated film, Jack's Christmas, explains, a Veillorz is "a person who wants to give his time to help others", Vlad - Jack's Christmas.

This cycle takes place over several centuries and generations. It also features two spin-offs. L'Année Perdue/The Lost Year is the first book in the main series.

The first spin off tells the adventures of Inès and Anselm, it is entitled: Lunimeran. Here is its logo:

logo du spin-off Lunimeran

The second concerns Jimmy and Dolorès. It's entitled Moïja. Here is its logo:

logo du spin-off Moïja

The main series has for logo a simpler representation of the badge that all Veillorz have, in addition to the one that gives their function.

logo des mémoires d'un Veilleur

The first period corresponds to the first two volumes and takes place in the 19th, 20th and 21st century.

The second period corresponds to volumes 3 and 4, as well as the stories located in this part of the timeline.

The third period corresponds to volumes 5 to 7.

The fourth period includes the volumes and stories that take place after volume 7, for now.

All these periods take place over several centuries and feature the descendants of the characters of the first period and period 0.

Here is the Veilleur badge :

Insigne des Veilleur

This image represents the precepts that any Veillorz must respect, Respect, Protection, Justice and Safeguard. You can find the other badges in the illustrations section. The information is detailed in the first visual novel/game : Become Veilleur.

You can read the short stories and novels that have already published in free reading. If you wish you can also get a digital or paper version (paid). The associated visual universe is available from the menu.

Various media are used to convey the adventures of our companions: novels, short stories, animations, illustrations, music, visual novels/games, illustrated, illuminated and interactiv novels, videos, comics ... I invite you to discover all this via the menu at the top of the page. The complete universe is detailed, I update the information regularly.

You will find in the blog, articles relating to the progress of the projects, the tools used, the reports and objectives, as well as everything that I think useful to share with you on this universe.

The newsletter allows me to give more information on the reports, as well as to prevent the arrival of a new article and especially to bring you information on the characters, the people, the planets, etc. in preview.

If you would like to support my work, you can consult the contribution page. I translate novels, games, etc. alone for the moment, and do all 2D and 3D illustrations, animations ... I train again and again in Blender to improve my works and provide you with an even richer universe.

I use free software for the most part. I use exclusively Linux (Kubuntu). I am in the process of creating an ontology as well as small tools to facilitate the management of this universe and the management of works in free reading. These tools will be shared on Framagit for those who might be interested. The sources of the website, without the articles, illustrations, etc. , it takes up too much space, are also available on Framagit.

Thanks for reading my spiel so far here ;-) If I haven't bored you too much, I'll let you discover the universe of the Veilleur in the following pages.

You can also find information on the Galion des étoiles, where the captain did me the honor of adding my stories in its holds.