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Review of August 2019.

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This post is the first to be translated into English (read french version). I hope there will not be too many errors ...

Table of contents :

  • Volume 3 and short stories
  • Artworks
  • Translations
  • Ideas


First, I made good progress in rewriting Volume 3. I have corrected everything on paper and added parts to enhance the content written during nanowrimo 2017 (my first nano). I have almost finished rewriting (modifying again) the corrections.
In parallel, I re-wrote the short story "The Marquis Stockman", I found what was bothering me in it and I corrected accordingly. I must admit that it amuses me a lot, even if the news is not very funny story ... I added new scenes and re-wrote a part. The thread is not changed, fortunately, since the volume 2 refers to it ;-) There was no danger, since the whole frame until volume 7 is written for the volumes and short stories of each period of the cycle. I have also written a few threads and some scenes for news at various times.
Short stories about Inès and Anselm are being corrected. I hope to be able to publish them in free reading during the last quarter, like the Marquis Stockman.
For the latter, I have to create the cover, the one I used was only temporary, because I had no idea to make it myself ...
Where the transition with the artworks ;-)


I decided during the holidays to take classes to better use blender, via the blender cloud. I continue for the moment to use it only to create the landscapes in order to have good perspectives, in order to work the illustrations in 2D then.
I would also like to create 3D representations of my characters to put them in scenes later. Maybe even if one day I have time, create small animations to decorate the stories. In the meantime, I continue to decorate them with 2D illustrations, always made with Krita, by helping me 3D representations when necessary. I am also tutoring on Krita, I really like this tool and all the possibilities it offers.
I am working on several illustrations that I hope can be included in short stories and novels in free reading, failing to add them to the paper version and ebook. I would also like to print a few, but I still have to train on this part.
In any case, if somebody is interested in Krita, I advise the tutorials of David Revoy who in addition to delight us with his webcomics Pepper and Carrot (about this episode 30 has just been published), is a excellent teacher, not only on Krita, but also on how to take advantage of Blender to do 2D (Blender cloud course).


I have made little progress on news translations. A second is translated, but I still have to correct it. I have no feedback on the first and I do not know if there is no wrong meaning or other in my translation. I have a lot of fun doing them, it's very rewarding, but without return, I do not know if it's a good idea to continue, except for my good pleasure ;-)
As soon as I find the time, I correct the new "An exalting profession" to offer it also in free reading in English.


I have a lot ;-) it adds a lot of short stories for each period of the cycle, by the way ... But above all, I wanted to talk about ideas for the future of various publications. I thought a lot during the holidays and here is the result of my thoughts.
I would like in a more or less distant future (within a year or two) to offer much more content on my universe, illustrations, animations, short stories and novels of course. Everything is already in free reading (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 as for the illustrations) and I think I will keep this model, to easily share my ideas. I will continue, as far as I can financially, to publish also in paper version and ebook, that will never finance the investment realized to publish them, but I also like being able to propose the paper books and ebooks. So I will study the feasibility of going through donation systems, such as patreon and other. I will come back to this part when I have concrete information.

Before you leave, to answer a question that has been asked to me several times, there is no possibility to follow the blog and the website directly. I do not have a plug-in in pluxml (in any case, I did not find one) that allows to do that. So, yes, I am an application developer, but I do not want to invest in developments, not for now anyway, the sacred fire will come perhaps someday, but there it is off. I give the information on different social networks when an article appears (Facebook, Mastodon (via framapiaf), Twitter, Instagram). I also removed the newsletter, I can not find a newsletter manager that is respectful of personal data and works perfectly (I mean that does not take 4 or 6 hours between the registration of the person and the sending of the email for verification of the email address).

Finally (yes, it is promised, I stop there) I would like to thank the few people who gave me read returns, they gave me the desire to continue sharing when I almost gave up. So a big thank you to Amélie, Alvyane, Barbara, Coryn, Angeline and Madyline.

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