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The Lost Year - Memoirs of a Watchman - Episode 1

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- You should more often remind all peoples and especially people, who like me have forgotten, what we owe the Watchmen. You should remind us that you are not only the highest authority on this planet, but also have knowledge that would be useful to all of us. If only we were willing to listen to you ... You are a wise Watchman, Mr. Cooper, and you have trained your friend well. I should never have doubted you ...
Gwilym - The Lost Year, Memoirs of a Watchman, Volume 1


The text was translated quickly from the French version. The book is being translated. I'm sorry for the mistakes and bad translations that remain.
The first volume tells the story of Solene (Human), Alex (Human), Jack (Human and Attached Watchman), Baptiste (Wizard), Charlie (semi-Giant/semi-Wizard), Haraldur (Wizard) and Angus (Wizard). They will have to face various dangers and rally all the extra-terrestrial peoples who live on Earth to prevent the latter from falling under the domination of Scatach (Wizard) and Cadmael (Wizard) through the Watson Brothers (Wizard).


The Order of Watchmen has failed in its mission of safeguarding and protecting peoples by abandoning the Earth to a single man, stripped of his role as itinerant Watchman because he is too upright. The Order of Valaquenta, created by refugees from Milenia and today helped by the United Nations, compensates for this lack.
The Watchman will have to rally all peoples, refugees and humans, to allow the achievement of what looks like a prophecy.
The great blades of justice, relics of Milenia, will have to be awakened.
Their bearers will have to accept the impossible.
Friendship and a sense of duty will have to be more strong as anything to avoid the destruction of all life.

Absorbed in their thoughts, the two young women had not heard the little crackle that precedes a teleportation and both jumped, when Baptiste appeared near the fireplace, in a small flash, under the incredulous gaze of the uninitiated people. Another flash brought Alexander, Jack and Charlie. Samantha rushed into her father's arms. Solene looked back and forth at Jack and Alex, her eyes twinkling for a moment ... Jack took off his bowler hat and hugged gently Solene after having kissed him on the cheek, as at each of their meeting. In front of her questioning expression, he explained to her.
- I was with Alex, when you called, girl.
She smiled at him and handed, mechanically, in place his wide 19th century tie. Nobody knew him, or in any case, all had forgotten his existence. Yet Theo gave her a murderous look, as if he knew what he meant to her.
Baptiste was the first to find out. Hadrian's body. He walked over to it, looked at Solene and then again at his colleague's lifeless body. He performed the same ritual she had performed a few minutes before. Charlie, Jack, and Alex imitated them.
- What happened past ? Baptiste asked.
- Aeddan recognized him and his men attacked him. He managed to get here by taking this with him, she said, handing him the dagger. The inscription is written in the language of the Alfes. He also discovered that the two brothers are about to meet. Aeddan created monsters for their future army. He couldn't say more. Only that he uses this blade to recognize them.
- He did a really good job. I'm sorry about this outcome, but the The information he brought to us is crucial. He was the only one who could accomplish this mission, said Alexander, putting his hand on Solene's cheek and fixing her gaze on hers.
- I know, Alex.
- Samantha, what s 'is it past ? What happened to Mamm Gozh? he then asked his daughter.

Cover realized by Christelle. You can see her artworks here.
Interior illustrations: Lou Morens.

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A first version was published by Atramenta in July 2018 (ISBN : 978-952-340-252-2 ; 978-952-340-257-7). (No longer for sale)

Mains characters of the novel.
Mains characters of the novel.
Battle near Lady Bronwen Lake.
Alex and Solène fight the Konhouarns near the home of Bronwen.

Publish by autoedition, date of publication 01/2021

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