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Review of the last 3 months

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Fiche bilan mensuel fevrier-avril 2021 A little post on the progress of the projects.
In the program :
- Artist-Author
- Visual novel
- Publication
- Artworks
- October / November objectives


After a long reflection, I took the plunge and have been officially an artist-author since September 1st.

Visual novel

The French version is finished and is being tested. I am waiting for feedback to complete the translation and make it available.
If anyone is interested in testing it, feel free to contact me through the contact form or in the comments (I read them regularly, even if I don't publish them).


Now that I can do it, I published the new "Macabre Holidays" in self-publishing (in french only for now). It is available in paper format on the bookelis website and always in ebook format on the Atramenta website. I hesitate to put it also in ebook on the site of bookelis.
See the book

Self-published publications are too expensive. I am not selling enough to cover the costs, so I decided to try self-publishing. At least if I don't sell anything, it doesn't cost me anything either ;-)

I am thinking of republishing the first three volumes also in this way. I will still leave them on the publisher's site. I may add illustrations in this edition.

I have made good progress on rewriting volume 4. I will soon give it to my first reader to read. I am thinking of bringing in at least one beta reader afterwards.

The second short story devoted to Inès and Anselm is currently being proofread before publication. Publishing the paper version of the first short story allowed me to test Bookelis and I think I would go through this to publish this one (paper and ebook).

I also answered a call for texts while on vacation. I await the results. I am very happy to have been able to immerse myself in an old series of stories that I had written in my youth and to bring it up to date. I took the opportunity to completely rewrite another story in this series. From around 3,500 words initially, it grew to over 36,000 words ...

I am not giving too many details today. I answered an interview which will be published in December on the Fb group: "readers-authors: the passion for words" and where I give some information.


I started my second series of courses on Blender, with the aim of being able to make more visuals to illustrate novels and short stories as well as small 3D animations to enhance the new visuals.

The booktrailer for macabre vacations is in progress. I was very late creating the scenes, but I see the end of it. Only the editing will remain.

Objectives for October and November

- My next goals are to quickly release the new visual and the booktrailer.
- Publish the second story relating to Inès and Anselm.
- Regularly publish a chapter of the novel Lathouor written during the 2019 nanowrimo.
- I do not know yet if I will do the nanowrimo this year. It will depend on the progress in my training and my health.

Thank you to those who support me in this adventure.

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