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Review of the months of november and december 2019

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A little ticket for the two months that have just passed.

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  • Publication
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The results of nanowrimo have been very positive. Not only was the challenge successfully taken up, but I know all about the Entities, about the evacuation of Lathouor and how 4 peoples found themselves on 4 different planets of this galaxy while keeping similarities in their behavior.

Lathouor - Memoirs of a Watchman

The exodus from Lathouor, where it all started. To understand where the peoples of certain planets in this galaxy come from (Lonidjarna, Haïdadainkel, Varuljarna, Mirolsjarna), to understand their similarities and differences. Why do these peoples all practice meditation? Why do they all believe in the presence of the Entities? So that they don't even live in the same solar systems. Where do these four words so important for the Watchmen come from: Respect, Protection, Justice, Safeguarding.


I was late in the publication projects, between my career assessment and the nanowrimo, I did not advance as I wanted. I reworked the cover of Métanélie following the advice of Christelle (the illustrator of the first two volumes), I added some details to the story thanks to the writing of Lathouor. There were weaknesses in one of the plots and I was able to fill them.

The publication of "Vacances Macabres" was also delayed, I put it in free reading on the publisher's website while waiting. I will seriously get back to its final layout and send it to the editor in early January. I anticipate "Métanélie" for the end of the first trimester.

To this day, I hesitate to withdraw "Cooperation and Truth" and the collection of shorts stories "Meetings" from the publication to improve and republish them. They may only be available in an ebook, however, the publication costs are lower. If one day, I manage to get into the publication costs, I will consider publishing all the news relating to the cycle in paper format.


I made good progress on the temples of shamadroihs on the planet Varuljarna and started the coloring of the corridor of the main base where Jack, Solène, Alex, Baptiste and Mandyra agreed to pose ;-)

Here are the Varuljarna temples, the 3D part (Blender) and the 2D reworked part (Krita). The spaceship placed on one of the platforms is that of Mandyra, the Rosa Parks in homage to this great lady. We can see the symbol of his family which he wears as a tattoo on his shoulder. The symbol represented on the buildings is that of the Shamadroihs.
zone des temples 1 zone des temple final

In the same way, the main base (work in 2D in progress)
Couloir de la base principale Couloir de la base principale color in progress

As a bonus, a wallpaper representing the evacuation of Métanélie is available on DeviantArt. It is based on the cover. Another represents the temple of Varuljarna. I made them for myself at the base and they correspond to a resolution 1920 * 1080 in 16: 9, here is an overview.

Métanélie :
wallpaper metanelie 001

Varuljarna :
wallpaper varuljarna 001

I also finalized the file representing one of the Watchmen corvette classes. We find the Titano which belongs to this class, in volume 4 which is called "Double".
Plan de la corvette type du Titano

So much for the past two months, I haven't put a translation part, having not advanced on this point. I am happy, someone is reading the news translated into English on the site. I hope to have feedback to correct translation errors. I am also looking for someone to correct volume 1 (when I have finished translating it) and the shorts stories already translated.

I come back very quickly with the annual report and the 2020 objectives.
I do not forget the interviews of the characters nor the article on the software, that is part of the 2020 objectives ;-)

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