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Review from May to June 2021

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Mensual review from February to April 2021 These last two months have marked an important turning point in our life and a very interesting new professional start.

New life

May and June were caught in a spatiotemporal mishmash as a certain Doctor would say. I didn't see anything go by and made little progress on the objectives. The main thing was still hit, we moved. We slowly settle into our new life.

Visual Novel

Between two jobs, I was still able to move forward on the new visual. The mechanics of the game are being finalized. I still have to answer two little questions that bother me before I finalize them. The built-in mini-games are all prepared. I haven't been able to work on the illustrations yet, but I've listed everything there is to create. There are around 80 scenes, objects and characters. Some characters already exist, all you have to do is dress them up and stage them. Only two sets already exist, everything else has to be created.


I started to send every week (except the two weeks dedicated to removals and works) a newsletter which presents a character. I will alternate between characters, solar systems, ships, etc. This newsletter appears on Fridays in addition to the usual Tuesday (reviews and additional information).

If you want to know a little more about my universe, don't hesitate to subscribe, it's here.


I am currently looking for an alternative to YouTube, I have looked on the side of the available PeerTube instances (Framasoft and "Les chatons"), but I cannot find my happiness. I don't have the option to create my own at the moment, so I'm looking for an alternative.

I don't have much more information to give you for this hectic period. I hope to have more news for the next post.

Thank you to those who follow me and support me despite my lack of presence these days. Do not hesitate to subscribe to the Newsletter, some little surprises should arrive in the coming weeks.

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