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Review from February to April 2021

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Mensual review from February to April 2021 The past few months have been productive and filled with great news. Here is a recap.


As you may know, I now have an artist-author status which allows me to self-publish. So I re-edited the novels and short stories already published. To date, the first two volumes of Memoirs of a Watchman, as well as the first short story devoted to Inès and Anselm, are available (in french) in paper and ebook at Bookelis and on most digital bookstores, except Amazon. I chose not to publish on this platform out of conviction, not only for ethical reasons, but also because they use a specific format rather than the standard format that is the EPUB.

Volume 1 - L'Année perdue cover

Volume 2 - Trahisons cover

Vacances macabres cover

All the information is gathered on this page.

Volume 3 will be out by the middle of May. The volumes are illustrated and each chapter is decorated with a drop cap. Each of them was created by me especially for the occasion. I really like the art of illumination and after trying my hand on small illustrated short stories for the last winter solstice party, I reiterated on the novels. This time, to prevent the printing stroke from being too high, the drop caps are not in color.

Volume 3 - Métanelie cover

Each volume is 15 € for the paper format, the short story is 8 €. The short stories and the first volume (L'Année perdue) are at 0.99 € in ebook format and the second and subsequent volumes are at 1.99 €. This increase is due to the comments of several people for whom the price of 0.99 € is prohibitive since not high enough (I did not understand, but I listened to the advice of my peers).

I took advantage of this reissue to change my author name to Lou Morens and no longer Louise Morens. The old versions were withdrawn from sale a few days ago.

I have fallen behind in the translation of volume 1. I initially thought I would wait a bit to republish volume 3, but the latest news detailed below, prompted me to modify my plans. Which, in the end, makes more sense.

In important issues, in my eyes anyway, the first visual novel is available too. It allows you to discover the Order of the Watchmen and its missions, the planets and the peoples of our galaxy who are under the protection of the Watchmen, as well as the ships they use, among other things.

Become a Watchman cover

All the information is gathered on this page.


I talked about it a bit earlier this year, so here's all, well, part of the story. I'll make it short, don't worry. Following a whole lot of things, I decided to quit my current job at a university as a civil servant. As of June 30, I will be freed from my obligations and will be free as the air. I had the opportunity to be able to make a conventional break, so I will take this opportunity to set up my business (self-employed) to see if my skills can be more useful than at present. I hadn't found any satisfaction in my job for many years now. I will refocus on my future activities, on my artistic activities and also on my nourishing forest project. My goals for the second half of 2021 are already to move next month (we're leaving more than 800 km from where we currently live), to make the house habitable (the good joke: electricity, water, heating, etc.) beforehand. to publish the novels and short stories pending and to start programming the second visual novel. I also think of realizing my new activities by the end of 2021. I must wait to be installed in our new life.

Where is the second visual news, you ask me behind the scenes?

Oops, I hadn't anticipated this question. How to say...

  • The general scenario is being re-read as well as the dialogues. I take a very large part of the new initial by adding a few scenes.
  • The mechanics of the game are under development.
  • Illustrations ? well, I have to do them.
  • Programming ? it's like the illustrations.
  • And the translation will you tell me? As for the rest, ha ha ha.
  • And when is all this planned? Initially, end of year 2021, I would have liked to release it for the solstice party, but with all the changes going on and coming, I'm not sure if I would have time to finish for this period. So, depending on the progressof your work.

What about the publication of novels and short stories?

I hadn't expected a question at all, actually. Well, Volume 4 is awaiting proofreading by my first reader before going for correction, ditto for the second short story dedicated to Inès and Anselm. The first part of the stories about Jimmy and Dolorès is finished and reread. I wait a bit before giving it to my first reader to get his opinion. It begins the series which ends with the short story published in the collection of Pécéociens last December.

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